We have got our heads screwed on

Just a piece of metal it may be,
but our screws serve your safety – which is why we have invested all our experience and skill in this piece of metal: to bring that bit more certainty to your world. Whether you are at home, in the car, out enjoying sports – or even in the world of politics.

Gliederung HECO-UFIX
The ideal screw for MDF and HDF [ more ]
Gliederung HECO-UNIX
The fully threaded screw with contraction effect [ more ]
Schraubenkopf HECO-FIX-plus
The smart  multi-material screw [ more ]
Schraubenkopf HECO-TOPIX
TOP performance - FAST working.
With building regulation approval for steel and
stainless steel variants [more]
Schraubenkopf MULTI-MONTI
The innovative fastening system for concrete and
masonry with building regulation approval [more]
The perfect combination of screw anchor and wood screw [more]
Schraubenkopf HECO-TOPIX-T
For the professional fixing of soft
insulating materials above rafters[more]
Gliederung HECO-TOPIX-CC
Innovated structural timber fastener [more]
Gliederung HECO-TOPIX Solar
The cost-effective fixing for solar panels onto roof trusses [more]
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