Available in printed and digital format: the new HECO product catalogue!

The HECO product catalogue is a useful tool for advisory specialist dealers and professional users alike when choosing the ideal fastening. Clear and well-structured, the catalogue shows the entire range of available dimensions and provides numerous illustrated examples of different applications for the screws available.

The seven product groups have been colour-coded to make it easier for readers to find products within the catalogue. The colour coding system, the code designations and illustrations of the relevant screws all ensure greater clarity and help readers to find the products they’re after quicker. More space than before is provided for the European Technical Assessments (ETAs) and other approval-relevant information that documents the screws’ technical performance reliability and their high quality and safety standards.

In addition to the classic print Edition the new product catalogue is also available in digital format in all four languages. The advantage of the online PDF version is that HECO can make any necessary changes immediately, meaning the catalogue’s entire contents are updated on a regular basis. Also, bookmarks placed within the document provide a quick overview and ensure a convenient product search process.

Do you want a print edition of the new HECO-Product catalogue? No Problem! You can order it by emailing!
You need it now? The PDF version of HECO’s 2016 product catalogue is available to download here at any time!

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