HECO supports the Special Olympics

Exercise is fun and improves quality of life. The Special Olympics organisation proves beyond any doubt that this is also totally true of people with disabilities. The Special Olympics is the world's largest sports movement for people with intellectual or multiple disabilities, with the aim of improving self-esteem and enjoyment of life through regular sporting activity, as well as encouraging greater acceptance and integration in society.

The Special Olympics initiative was founded in 1968, and in Germany now boasts some 40,000 athletes organised into 14 regional associations. The non-profit organisation is financed purely by donations, aid money and membership fees. HECO welcomes the all-embracing approach of the initiative and is proud to support the sports association with its second donation. This was allocated once again to the Baden-Württemberg regional association whose sports activities all take place in the immediate vicinity of the HECO headquarters.

The financial donation helps to provide athletes in the region with proper training opportunities, as well as enabling them to participate in national and international competitions – such as the 2016 Special Olympics National Summer Games, held from 6-10th June in Hanover. By contributing towards an individual's personal development, sponsors like HECO provide a solid foundation for this very special sports initiative. The HECO management was awarded a certificate of sponsorship by the organisation in recognition of its entrepreneurial commitment.

Click here for more information on the Baden-Württemberg Special Olympics!


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